Scope Rear Extension & internal renovation
Status Complete

plan |it were commissioned to create a large open plan kitchen with family space. the demands of the increasing size of the family numbers meant more space was needed. Childrens space and needs within the house were ever increasing. whilst this was feasible, the clients wanted a larger kitchen area with family room, which could be used for entertaining guests.

the most cost effective pragmatic approach was to extend out the back of the house as deep as the planners would allow with the constraint that we had to ensure the mono-pitched roof would still work at such a low pitch. this was a challenge as there are not too many tile manufacturers that produce roof tiles to go this low a pitch.

the first floor of the property remained untouched, whilst the ground floor has a fully open plan, feel to it. this is the exact solution the client wanted as it allows them to enjoy their new extension looking onto the garden whilst the children can play in their play room, but still in sight and hearing distance.

the internal design is quite contemporary with light colours to enlarge the extension visually.

the ceiling to the extension follows the line of the roof, this provides more height internally, thus giving the artificial sense of a larger more airy space.