Scope Rear Extension, Internal Renovations
Status Complete

As well as creating planning and building regulation drawings we also get to do some 'felt tip fairy' works - sketching/concept drawing to you and I. 

Our client had just finished renovating their existing house and wanted a new challenge, so they bought an old property in desperate need of modernisation. The potential was there it just needed realising. 

We were appointed to provide a concept sketch proposal with a blank canvas approach... then follow on with planning and building regs. Our proposals took us from extravagant balcony designs to large glazed atrium to the rear of the property. 

Halfway through the design stage I got a call - "we need to move really, really fast, we have just been told we have a baby on the way in 9 months". 

Wow, and hot sweats from us followed, it was now critical to get the design frozen, get the building regs drawings done, an engineer appointed, structural design done, and the project started and finished in less than 9 months. This was probably the tightest deadline we have had. 

Phase I was completed within the 9 months, and the further phases are to follow. I think my client and their little family now enjoy the large open plan living area to the rear of the property, along with the play room, the games room, and the additional bedroom up stairs that were finished within the time period.