My House

Scope 3 extensions in 3 phases
Status Phase 1 - Complete

Designing something for yourself is always hard. This is due to the fact you can get carried away with ideas, knowing that you can change it back if you dont like it, its as though the canvas never dries. However it gives way to a lot of varied ideas and options, a little like brainstorming.

Our house is a 1970s brick built solid property, which we have modernised since moving in. Our wish was to have a larger entrance area, somewhere to actually get in the door and be able to shut it before you start taking shoes and coats off, we had space above a very large garage, and an old conservatory that wasnt the most pleasant place to be in the summer or winter for the obvious reasons.

The scheme I proposed provides a large master suite with dressing area and ensuite, a guest room, and a new bedroom for our ever growing daughter all at first floor. The ground floor gives way to a lounge, entrance hall, toilet, kitchen which is open to a new open plan family/dining room.

The beauty is  - we don't lose any floor space yet we gain more garden back. This is the key to all extensions, providing usable floor space without any unwanted compromises.

Externally, I didnt want the usual black timber clad barn type extensions, therefore through diplomatic communicating with the planners we managed to get the colours and external materials approved that we wanted.

Phase 1 is complete with the other phases following on..